Marrant's Journal Entry - Of dogs and humans

April 11, 1876 -

This week the most exciting thing that has happened was the finding of Buttercup. Though perhaps he found me. As Mother and Father now allow visits to the Grocer's (which is thirty-four steps away, I counted!) it so happened that outside, returning from there with purchases for supper, I heard strange panting noises.

At first I thought Daisy might have followed. Upon turning, I did see a massive (my word of the day, as Father requires) beast all grey and wolf-like, and me with a basket - as if I were Red Riding hood herself.  He did not attack nor ask about my grandmother (who is back home as of this writing) but wagged his tail most cheerily. 

 He then followed the remaining twenty-nine steps.  America would not allow him in, nor would Mother.  A bowl of water and some chicken remains from mid-day lunch kept the beast happy.  While America was gone for errands and Mother lay napping, I set about scrubbing down the beast and did find lovely black and white hairs beneath his crust of  grey.  He told me his name is Buttercup.  It makes no sense,  Mary said I made that up, America laughed and Mother looked perplexed.  Father merely said, "that's nice," and nodded upon looking up from a book.  But truly, Buttercup did say his name to me in dog barks.

Dogs are so much nicer than people, most of the time, unless pushed to rudeness by mistreatment.

 Dogs are not false - they mean it when they smile, wag their tales and great you - if they do not like you they growl.   Dogs easily become your friend and are happy to see you all the time.  Dogs do not talk about their friends - or even their enemies behind their backs. Dogs do not say hurtful things about other dogs. They do not laugh at each others mistakes.  Dogs forgive easily - they don't sulk and seek revenge for days and months if you step on their paw by mistake or even on purpose.   Dogs don't gossip or laugh at others.  Dogs don't tell anyone the things you tell them in confidence.  Dogs do not get drunk and fall down and throw up all over (and I think if they did, at least they could be trained not to throw up on someone's porch). Dogs do not shoot other dogs nor rob banks. Those that do attack are merely defending their homes, their children and their lives, as anyone would do.

Dogs run together in packs but usually they will welcome strangers in.   I suppose sometimes dogs do turn upon the weakest in their pack but one would think humans could be as good as or better than dogs, instead of worse.

If ever I would marry, I think I would insist my husband were at least as good a person as Buttercup is a dog.

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