Hurrah!!!!! --- We are Saved!!! Mary Alderton's Journal Entry

Dear Dear Dear Dear Darling Diary,

There is a God who answers prayers!!!!   I have every day been on my knees morning noon and night, well not noon, that would be foolish as I am not about to wear out my skirt or my knees, but morning upon wakening and night afore sleeping, I have prayed, well perhaps not prayed, but asked tears running down my cheeks although not too many as Mother says crying as much as I were doing wrinkles one's face early and I would not want to age myself early, not until I was married and had born a child or two, but in any case, my prayers and tears have worn Papa down been answered and Mar and I are to be sent away from this HORRIBLE and TERRIBLE place, back home where there is a boarding school we might attend during the day and then sleep in the safety and warmth of  civilized beds at grandmother and grandfather's,  without dirty and dust and drunkards and guns shooting and half naked women and no suitable men about and I am nearly beside myself with joy although Mar sulks for no good reason.

We shall have clean clothes, new dresses, a variety of meals instead of the same old things,  friends friends friends, parties and dances, tea parties, ribbons for our hair, parties (did I say that?), breakfast, lunch and supper.

Of course I shall miss Papa and Mama but they will come to visit and we can write.

Grandmother and Grandfather are very civilized people.  Grandmother has a dressmaker and Grandfather has more than three canes and several fine suits. 

I cannot pack fast enough - good-bye Deadwood, I hope to never see you again!

Deadwood - located in Phoenix Pass, Second Life (not really in South Dakota)

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  1. hehe these were very fun to read. This is probably a good thing as it stretched credulity that any parents would bring a couple young girls to this town unless they were nuts. Course, maybe they are ...