I speak French

Dear Journal,

What a interesting place is Deadwood!  

I am now allowed outside, all the way to the newspaper office and to the Grocer's!   Also, I have taken Buttercup and gone a bit further into the hills.  There is the door to the MINE nearby!!!!  Sometime I am going to take a lantern in there.  Men leave it at night.  Night is when all are asleep.  This would be an excellent adventure!

But for the most exciting thing!  There is a little boy I have met, name of Frederick.  He is only a child.  But he speaks French.  He has taught me and I have taught him some words.  This will help when I am older and go to France.  I will live in Paris and paint.  One must speak French. 

I can say "fut" for foot and "dog" for "dog" and "goot" for "good" and more which I have forgot to write down. It will be difficult, but I will have him teach me to say  "I come from America", "do not bother me",  "I am an artist",  "where is the cafe?" "Buy my art" and other necessary things a young woman artist must know in Paris.

Mary is not leaving the room.  She does not like it here. She was crying a lot. But America told her if she kept it up her face would wrinkle and her nose would stay red.  That made her stop! 

America is banging on a pan now, it must be time to prepare supper.  I will write here later!

Deadwood - located in Phoenix Pass, Second Life (not really in South Dakota)


  1. Awesome journal entry Marrant!!! I love that Freddy is teaching you "French" and I love Marrant's little imagination that runs away with her!

  2. It was really an enjoyable play.

    More to come !